The Spice Must Flow


I had to share this conversation with my good friend Giles (@squeakingbuddha). As you may have seen, I had some issues with Amazon botching the shipping/delivery of one of Paul’s birthday gifts and then claiming the problem was due to a sandstorm (*cough*bullshit*cough*). This won’t be funny if you aren’t familiar with Frank Herbert’s Dune.


@squeakingbuddha: Did amazon ever make things right somehow on Paul’s bday gift? Or at least try?

@mmmfutter: They gave me a $20 credit, but I had to ask for it. All they offered was refunding the $3.99 on each item… so they ended up making it a bit better, until they blamed a sandstorm. Don’t use UPS. Use Muad’dib!

@squeakingbuddha: Is Muad’dib your son’s middle name? Would be awesome but I don’t think you would have gotten it past the wife.

@mmmfutter: Or airport security.

@squeakingbuddha: holy crap. Almost coughed up a lung laughing.


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